Key Facts
1.The Club shall be called Caledonia United Youth Football Club. The Club colours shall be Navy, red and white Teams to be officially based at Seedhill Community Sports Centre, Seedhill Road, Paisley.
2.The club was formed on 11th August 2015.
3.Teams to play in Paisley and District League.
4.Team to train in Paisley area.
5.The legal structure of the club will be an unincorporated association.

Aims and Objectives
1.The club welcomes any player willing to enjoy and learn while they play, irrespective of ability.
2.The club will always encourage players to spend time practicing with the ball.
a.Greater emphasis will be placed on learning skills than developing fitness for all players, particuarly for any player under 13.
3.Players will be encouraged to understand why they are doing what they do in order to put it into practice in the context of a game.
a.While our teams want to perform well and win matches, learning from mistakes and re-attempting actions is given greater priority than making sure their team wins every week and this will be key in our coaching.
b.Players are free to share ideas with their managers / coaches and discuss their thoughts openly with their teammates.
c.Coaches, parents and supporters are asked to offer quiet encouragement to players irrespective of score line. Anyone watching games are asked not to shout instructions, demands or abuse at the players, other coaches or officials.
4.Players will be encouraged to play fairly and within the traditional spirit of the game.
5.As part of coaching, players will learn about different teams and styles throughout the football world and the throughout the history of football and incorporate this into their development where appropriate.

1.Club membership is initially focused on developmental football – ages 5 to 11
2.The club will be in membership of the Scottish Youth FA.
3.As soon as a second age group is established, the club will be registered as an SYFA Community Club.
4.The club will work towards being accredited as an SYFA as a charter club.
5.The club must be controlled and managed by a committee approved by the SYFA Executive Committee. This committee to be not less than two in number and at least one member of the committee should have current possession of a Scottish Football Association Coaching Certificate of relevant standard and a current First Aid Certificate or Sports Injuries Certificate or should obtain such certificates within six months from the club’s initial acceptance into membership. The names, addresses and dates of birth of such management committee to be submitted by the club when seeking membership annually and any change in committee must be approved by the Club Committee.
6.The club will have the required insurance cover as determined by the SYFA.
7.All Officials and Players must undertake to uphold the constitution and rules of both the club and the Scottish Youth FA
8.The club will fully implement all SYFA Player Protection Policies

The club will be run by a committee initially consisting of but not limited to three people:
One of the committee will be the nominated Secretary
At least one member of the committee will be a designated Child Protection Officer.
At least one member of the committee will be a qualified coach to at a minimum coaching level 1.2.
Three members of the committee will be a nominated Treasurer (2 signatures are required to authorise bank account actions).
Any club decisions will be voted on by the committee using a first past the post system (unless stated otherwise below) in which the option with the highest number of votes wins. In the event of a tie, the motion will not be considered to have passed. 
1.The committee are jointly responsible for the running of the club.
2.A committee member may stand down at any time. The club ask for a minimum 4 week notice period if possible in order for a successor to be elected.
3.Anyone wishing or invited to stand for a position on the committee must be approved by the majority (greater than 50%) of existing committee members.
4.A vote of no confidence may be called on an individual member of the committee by any other committee member at any time.
5.A vote of no confidence will pass if the majority of committee members (including those who do not vote or abstain) provide a vote of no confidence in the specific committee member.
6.Members can vote in person, by proxy or by alternative pre-agreed method.
7.Committee member losing a vote of no confidence is obliged to stand down but can seek re-election in future if desired.
8.All Committee meetings shall be chaired by the Secretary.
9.The agenda will be circulated prior to meetings by the Secretary. Only business identified to the Secretary in writing 72 hours before the meeting will be discussed
10.Motions can be tabled under appropriate agenda items. The chairperson having the right to defer discussion of tabled motions
11.Minutes of previous meetings will be prepared by the Secretary and circulated to members with the agenda for forthcoming meetings.
12.The quorum for Committee meetings shall be fifty per cent of the members.

Note: In order for any vote to pass it must receive greater than 50% support from the three founding members - Scott Dixon, Steven Bradford and David Russell. This is in addition to any other criteria set out above.

Management, Coaching and Support Team
1.The management structure of a team will feature a Team Manager (their allocated assistant) and coaches.
2.If agreed, a new Team Manager may be invited by existing committee members to join the committee. See Committee point 3 for more information.
3.It is the Team Managers responsibility to appoint an Assistant Manager if desired.
4.Assistant Managers report directly to the Team Manager.
5.A Team Manager can review the Assistant Manager’s position at any time but circumstances in point 7 should be taken into account when making any decision. The committee has the power to overrule a decision to retain or remove an Assistant Manager if they feel that is justified.
6.Coaches are appointed by the committee, not the Team Manager.
7.The committee have the right to review the Managers or Coaches’ position at any time. However, it should be considered that they should only be relieved of his position in the event of gross misconduct or a series of misconducts. The Manager’s position should not exclusively be judged on performance as the development of players is a priority over results in developmental football in particular.  The Team Manager can
8.In addition, the Team Manager will have ultimate responsibility for all team affairs including but not limited to:
a.Squad Selection
b.Team Selection
c.Captain Selection
d.Formation and Tactics
9.The Team Manager and their assistant will follow their team though the age groups dependant on any other structural changes within the club.
10.Coaches are flexible but will generally continue to work within the same age group on an ongoing basis.
11.At least one member of the Management, Coaching and Support Team per age group team should be first aid qualified and should be the designated physiotherapist within that team.
12.At least one member of the Management, Coaching and Support Team per age group team should be the designated child protection officer. 
13.It is preferable that the Team Manager is the assigned individual who is first aid qualified and designated protection officer as it is essential that individual with these responsibilities may be in attendance at all team activities.

Membership and subscriptions
1.Club will be made up of non-playing members and playing members.
2.Non playing members are not required to pay a membership fee or subscription but may be asked to contribute towards payment for coaching courses, first aid courses, disclosures checks and their own basic training / match day kit if they are supporting the club in a coaching capacity.
3.Non playing members include any club official or coach, including individuals on the committee.
4.Playing members will be obliged to pay playing subscriptions of £3 per each training week. The membership fee is inclusive. This covers the costs of training and pitch hire, playing and training kit.
5.Individuals failing to meet deadlines for payment will have until the next payment date to bring their account up to date or will be suspended as a member until the full balance is paid. The membership will be cancelled at the end of the year if the full balance due has not been re-paid.
6.Suspended members are not eligible to play for the club.
7.The club will pay all SYFA, league, cup and player registration fees.

1.The Club will pay all League Fees, Affiliation Fees and Cup Entry Fees from the Clubs funds.
2.All expenses incurred by members of the Club attending to Club business shall be paid out of the clubs funds.
3.All equipment and monies raised using the name of the Club belongs to the club. If the club ceases to exist at any time all equipment and money held by the club must be returned to the secretary within seven days. This incldues kit which will be given to players to take home. Upon leaving the club or the player no longer being able to use the kit, this should be returned to the club.
4.If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Club there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid or distributed amongst the members but shall be given or transferred to some other society, institution or organisation having objects similar to the objects of the Club and which shall prohibit the distribution of its income and property among its members to an extent at least as great as is imposed on the club under or by virtue hereof, such a society, institution or organisation to be determined by the full members of the club at or before the time of dissolution and if and so far as effect cannot be given to such provisions then to some charitable object.
5.No Committee member shall be individually or collectively liable for a debt of the Club, unless that person was solely responsible for the debt being incurred.
6.No Committee member shall be entitled to make any personal financial gain from the activities of the Club.

Player Protection and Disclosure Applications
1.The club on seeking membership of the SYFA must complete the official membership application form signing the declaration to enable all club officials to be Disclosure checked. Any official who does not agree to complete a self declaration form and be Disclosure checked or in the opinion of the SYFA Player Protection Panel fails to attain membership of the SYFA will not be eligible for membership of the club.
2.The club will appoint a Player Protection Officer. All club members, players and player’s parents to be advised of the Player Protection Officer’s contact details. See ‘Management, Coaching and Support Team’ point 12.
3.The club and its officials agree and acknowledge that the SYFA Player Protection Policy plus all associated Policies and any amendments thereto shall be binding on the club.
4.All club members including players, officials, spectators or parents must abide by the club’s code of conduct.
5.The club must ensure all club officials complete a Disclosure Scotland Disclosure Application Form plus a SYFA Self-Declaration Form, submit them to the relevant SYFA Protection Officer who will on approval send them directly to the National Secretary complete with any Disclosure Application fee.
6.The club must request Disclosure Scotland Disclosure Application Forms plus SYFA Self-Declaration Forms for all officials. Forms can be obtained from the local SYFA Protection Officer or the National Secretary.
7.The club must make sure all of its officials are fully conversant with the club’s Protection Policies and the SYFA Player Protection Policy.
8.The club must make sure all of its officials are fully conversant with the club’s Constitution and Rules and the SYFA Constitution and Rules.
9.The club must protect all players and officials from all forms of abuse.
10.The club must accept that all officials must report concerns in respect of any suspected abuse.
11.The club will implement all proposals or amendments in respect of player protection policies.
12.In cases of reported abuse, maintain total confidentiality. Information must only be shared on a need to know basis i.e. with people who need to know to ensure the child’s health, welfare and development.

Note: All persons involved in grassroots football have responsibilities to report any suspected or alleged cases of abuse to the relevant Protection Officer. It is not the official’s responsibility to decide whether or not a player has been abused.

1.The Club, officials and players shall accept the disciplinary procedures adopted by the SYFA and other relevant Leagues or Associations.
2.The Club shall accept responsibility for the conduct and behaviour of all club officials, players and other individuals associated with the Club.
3.All club decisions will be subject to the right of appeal to the appeals committee of the SYFA.
4.A club, player or club representative may appeal to the Appeals Committee against the decision of a league, association, Club, General Purposes or Regional Executive Committee affecting such club, player or club representative. Such appeals shall be dispatched to the National Secretary by recorded or registered delivery and in duplicate within seven days of receipt of written notice of the decision of the league, association or club concerned. A deposit shall be lodged with each appeal. In the case of a player this shall be £30, and in the case of any other appellant it shall be £60.00. This deposit may be forfeited if the Appeals Committee so decides. The grounds of appeal must be specifically stated and if the Appeals Committee considers the appeal frivolous or trivial, the appellant may be liable to a financial levy the scale of which shall be fixed annually by the Appeals Committee.
5.The decision against which any appeal is made will only be set aside when the appeal is received by the National Secretary and found to be in order and confirmation of such from the National Secretary is received in writing by the parties concerned.

All matters not covered by this constitution will be covered by the constitution of the Scottish Youth FA