Who are Caledonia United?
Caledonia United is a youth football club based in the east end of Paisley. The club formed in 2015 with one age group at 2010, we are currently preparing to introduce a 2nd age group at 2014.

What are the aims of the club?
We aim to help our players evolve both as footballers and as people. To do this we focus on encouraging freedom of expression on the pitch, developing an understanding of football history and culture from around the world and demonstrating respect for the opposition, officials and each other. Our ethos is to enjoy, to learn and to improve.

On a bigger scale, we want the club to grow and gain a strong reputation in Paisley and beyond. Longer term we would love to move into amateur ranks but this is obviously a long way off - whatever happens, youth development is the priority.

Who runs the club?
The club is currently made up of a committee of 2 people covering the roles of Secretary, Treasuer, Player Protection Officer and Coach.
The current people on the committee are:
Scott Dixon
David Russell

Where are the club be based?
The club are based in the east end of Paisley. Initially we trained at Paisley Grammer School but have since moved to Seedhill Community Sports Centre.

Can players play for the club even if they are not from that area?
Yes, we welcome players from all over.  This is reflected in the club being called Caledonia United. We want to share our football values across as many different people as possible.

What league do the club play in?
We play in the Paisley, Johnstone and District Youth Football League.

What age groups will represent the club?
We initially recruited players born in 2010 for structured training sessions that took place from September 2015 in order to create a team or teams within that age bracker to join the Paisley, Johnstone and District League in early 2016. We will continue to expand the age range within the club graudally. The next intake is planned for early 2019 for players born in 2014.

How can I / my child play for the club?
Full details are available through our 'Play' link.

How much will it cost to play for CUYFC?
It costs £15 per month to play for the club. This will be reguarly reviewed depending on age group and is likley to increase in the future. However, we always try to keep costs to a minimum and are proud to be one of the best value clubs in the area.

Are the club only looking for players of certain ability?
Not neccesarily. Caledonia United FC welcomes players of any abilities. We want to encourage children to enjoy playing football while learning and improving all the time. Our training exercises are designed to give everyone lots of ball time to develop these skills. We might take different appraoches to players with varying confidence and understanding such as how we untimaltey introduce them to matches - stronger players will get pushed quicker and we will be honest with you if we feel we aren't making the progress we would hope. However, all we ask is that potential players are interested in playing football and will listen to their coaches (sometimes anyway!)

What is special about Caledonia United’s training methods?
We want our players to want to improve. Children (and sometime parents) focus on winning matches which although this isn't officially something the league encourages, we understand and want to help our players do this. However, this will happen naturally if they listen and learn. As they improve, so will their performances and of course, their results.

We focus on the optimum number of players per squad to get the maximum potential out of everyone. Too many players can mean some are not getting the required focus they require.

We have a strong belief on improvement through game play.  To do this our drills are heavily focused on 'in game' scenarios alongside to the more traditional drills of everything completing the same action. 

Who are your coaches?
Currently we have two coaches qualified to level 1.3, one coach qualified to 1.2 and one coach to 1.1. We have two other coaches working towards their qualificaitons.

Are your coaches / volunteers disclosure checked?
As part of our registration with the SYFA, all club representatives are PVG checked. This process is conducted in conjuction with the SYFA and the Paisley and District League. Caledonia United have completed this as required.

We also have an assigned child protection officer, Scott Dixon.  While it is the responsiblity of all individuals to ensure your child's safety, Scott is officially the point of contact that can handle any concerns or queries that need to be addressed with regards to child welfare.

Are your coaches / volunteers first aid trained?
SYFA requirements are that one attending adult is first aid trained. We currently have one qualified first aider and others with first aid experience.

What is expected from the players and parents?
We ask that everyone make every possible effort to turn up for training and matches as it is unfair for individuals continually turning up to lose out on playing time to others who do not without any justifiable reason.

We would ask parents to showcase the respect that we ask of the players by themselves respecting players, officials and each other. In line with this, while we welcome parental support and encouragement from the touchline but just ask everyone to consider if what they are shouting is in line with the instructions the coaches are given. If it is, it can be a tremendous help. If not, it can be confusing for any player.

How can I help out?
We are always looking for volunteers for coaching and other support. Contact details on this website and though our social media outlets.

Frequently Asked Questions